Quotes The purse you made for my friend is wonderful and I am very satisfied. She is going to love it. Many thanks for making it. I'm glad I know where to find you when I want more. Quotes
Falmouth, MA

Quotes We thought of your book purses when attending an art show using materials that originally served another purpose. Your "upcycled" book purses certainly put you on the cutting edge! Quotes
Sally and Marvin
Washington, D.C.

Quotes I saw your purses when visiting the Red Lion Inn Gift Shop in Stockbridge and took one of your cards. When I tried to think of a gift for a dear friend from my book club, a book purse was the right choice. She had introduced me to Henry James, so the Wharton-James Letters was perfect. What a unique gift. I hope to order one for myself and others for more gifts. Quotes
North Carolina

Quotes My wife loves books, especially classic children's lit. Your Peter Pan book purse fit that description perfectly. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes The ballet purse arrived and I love it! It is a work of art, as well as a tribute to a famous ballerina. You are certainly creative. Quotes
Williamsburg, VA

Quotes My mother wears the Gloria Steinem book purse I gave her all the time. It was a perfect match! Quotes
repeat customer, Richmond, MA

Quotes My fabulous purse arrived yesterday. I have been showing it to everyone-- it's a good thing you sent extra business cards. You did a superb job in selecting the lining and handle, plus your creative way in covering the book description on the back made it equally pretty on the back as on the front. I love it, love it, love it. Thank you so very much for your artistic work. Quotes
custom-ordered purchaser, Ohio

Quotes OMG.. that little purse is just adorable. I just opened it and love it! Ralph was very impressed too at how unique it is. I will definitely be giving these to a couple of very special people as presents!! Quotes

Quotes We loved the Harry Potter purses we ordered for Ruth's three nieces. I'm sure the kids will be very excited to have such special purses to show off to their friends Quotes

Quotes We had dinner with friends last night and the wife was carrying the bag you made for her. It was amazingly gorgeous. I want to commission you to make one for me, and I will definitely be in the market for more. Love your work! Quotes

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